Interactive infoboards
for EVERY club
The boards that never sleep
Our infoboards work for you around the clock.
They are either showing the score during a match
or making promotion for the club.
Player mode
During gameplay, the infoboard acts as a professional scoreboard for players. It's very functional yet easy to use.

Different Padel/Tennis/Pickleball rules are supported.

In addition to scorekeeping, the Tennis Math app offers comprehensive statistics and saves match history for future reference.

Club mode
When there are no ongoing matches, the advertisement comes to life, ensuring that the infoboard remains the center of attention.

By incorporating sponsorship logos or advertising, clubs can generate additional revenue.

Furthermore, the club can also use the infoboard to promote its own services and products.
What can those boards do?
  • Display score, players, flags
    Sure, it would be weird if they couldn't. The boards come with well-established mobile apps that support versatile scoring rules for tennis, padel, and pickleball. You will be amazed at how many variants of those we have.
  • Run ads, show sponsor logos and whatever the club wants to announce
    Even in-between matches the infoboards keep people's attention. That's when you could show some ads there. No doubt, it can bring in a dollar or two from sponsors and partners.
  • Keep track of time
    It's easy to lose track of time playing a game. And though it's usually a good sign, you still might want to take a look at a clock once in a while.
  • Integrate with your tournament of booking systems
    You might happen to have some court booking or a tournament system in place. Awesome! We would be happy to integrate it with our infoboards if you want us to.
⚡ OUT OF STOCK, pre-order for 2025
Perfect visibility in- and outdoors, even in direct sun
Clear view 60-80 m
Simple installation and connectivity set-up

Players names, flags
Latest score
Arbitrary ads, sponsor logos, announcements
Current time

Dimensions: 98 x 34 x 8 cm
Weight: 5 kg
192 x 64 pixels resolution
Multi-color, 256 colors, 16 brightness levels

Power: 220V AC, max. 400W

⚡ OUT OF STOCK, pre-order for 2025
Perfect visibility in- and outdoors, even in direct sun
Clear view 40-60 m
Simple installation and connectivity set-up

Latest score
Current time

Dimensions: 33 x 17 x 6 cm
Weight: 0.85 kg
32 x 16 pixels resolution
Monochrome, 16 colors, 8 brightness levels

Power: any power-bank with 2xUSB-A outputs (extra option)
or 220V AC with 12V DC adapter (included), max. 60W

M1 Tripod

Robust T-tripod with a sturdy bar for the M1 model.

XS1 Holder

Lightweight holder for the XS 1 model.
M1 Tripod Bag

Travel bag that ideally fits M1 tripod.
Custom-sized infoboards
If none of the standard sizes is right for you, we'll gladly manufacture a custom-sized version.

Just give us some data and a few requirements, and we'll come up with an offer.
Reasonable maximum size is 192 cm x 96 cm.
Need to know more?
Check out our product catalogue for more information:
Keeping tennis, padel and pickleball score.
Scoring rules can be strikingly diverse.

We know that for sure because we've been supporting the Tennis Math community for years. We've received and accommodated dozens of requests from users regarding scoring variants.

Our infoboards support flexible scoring rules:

  • Any reasonable number of games
  • All possible tie-break configurations
  • All possible deuce options

The score can be kept with apps supporting scoring rules for any format of a tennis, padel, or pickleball match:

  • Android & WearOS: Tennis Math application

  • iOS: Tennis Cast application

  • (coming soon) Alternatively, you can use a remote Bluetooth controller. No app is needed, the score can be easily kept with a simple two-button device. Both point-by-point and game-by-game modes are supported.
There's more to it!
SevenCourts is not only about infoboards.
If you use our Android app, you can avail
of it massive functionality.
Track your statistics
Depending on the tracking mode you use,
a ton of statistics might be available to you.
For example, you can track forehand and backhand shots, services and returns, net points etc. Please refer to documentation for further details and instructions.
Broadcast live scores
Go big!
Let the world and your friends track your match live.
Create your player profile
Store records of your games and analyse your development over the years.
Post match reports on the web
Share a nice report of any completed match on the web.
Check a sample of how such a report may look like.
Any questions?
Drop us a line.
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We are avid sports enthusiasts and proud members of a local tennis club, which happens to have exactly seven courts, hence the name of the brand.

Having sport at heart, we strive to bring our IT expertise to create truly amazing products for the racket sports community.
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